What did he say about Morocco?.. Luis Enrique sends 4 messages after the failure in the World Cup

Luis Enrique, the former coach of the Spain national team, went out to talk at length about his dismissal from coaching “La Roja” after the exit from the 2022 World Cup.

Luis Enrique was sacked from his post as coach of the Spain national team World Cup 2022 Qatar, after losing to Morocco in the final price of the World Cup by penalty kicks, after the end of the original and extra time with a goalless draw.

“They were difficult days, but with the usual optimism of someone who is ready for what’s to come, it’s time to rest and study what’s to come,” Enrique said, in an interview with eBay, a celebrity on the digital platform “Twitch”, about his last days in charge of the Spain national team. .

He added, “I want to continue training. I am at a moment when I see the desire and strength to take over the leadership of a club. Coaching the national team was a dream for me, and if nothing happens, I will wait for the next season. I will not stop being associated with the world of football.”

He continued, “I was coach of the Spanish national team for four years and I think I did a good job. Could you have done better? Certainly, but when you do your best 100% you have to be satisfied.”

And he continued: “I am very calm and very relaxed. I think we were able to awaken people’s interest in watching the Spanish national team. We awakened the enthusiasm of the fans again and gave confidence to young players. My job is to make decisions and I made the players who I thought embodied my idea.”

Luis Enrique talks about losing to Morocco

And about the exclusion from the World Cup, Enrique explained: “It is clear that we did not play a great match against Morocco, but we played well in the World Cup, there is work done, the bad thing about these competitions is that in 90 or 120 minutes everything can go.” in vain.”

Luis Enrique

Regarding the penalty shootout against Morocco, Enrique revealed: “There was a lot of tension. I sat on the bench looking at the scoreboard and not the player who would shoot because all the players were standing to follow the penalty shootout. In the end I lived normally. I am a worried person but I am very calm.”

He concluded, “We reached the penalty shootout. We were not the best in the 120 minutes of Morocco. Morocco played a very defensive match, but they deserved. We accepted the defeat well and showed that we know how to lose. It’s a good lesson. I feel we missed a very good opportunity. Look at The semi-finals and I don’t see any better than us.”

It is noteworthy that the Moroccan national team will meet its French counterpart in the semi-finals of the Qatar World Cup, while the Argentine national team will play against Croatia, and the winner of each match will qualify for the final match scheduled for next Sunday.

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