What did Mortada Mansour say at today's press conference?.. Ferreira's fate was decided

Sport What did Mortada Mansour say in today’s press conference?.. Ferreira’s fate was decided Updated Sunday 1/22/2023 10:02 PM Abu Dhabi time Mortada Mansour, the Egyptian president of Zamalek, announced the fate of the Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira after the massive loss that the team received against Al-Ahly. Zamalek lost 3-0 against its rival Al-Ahly in the summit match in the 14th round of the Egyptian Premier League, so Josevaldo’s future became in the wind. Mortada Mansour called the Zamalek Council for an urgent meeting yesterday evening, Saturday, with the final minutes of the summit match, in order to discuss the coach’s future, but the meeting was postponed to Sunday evening. An official response.. Did Kahraba scatter Al-Ahly’s papers in the Winter Mercato? What did Mortada Mansour say at today’s press conference? Mortada said in a press conference after the end of the meeting: “The fate of Josevaldo Ferreira, whether to stay or leave, will be announced after the Varco match, and whatever the results, even if they improve, the board of directors made a final decision, there were 9 votes against 1.” It is scheduled that Zamalek will face the Pharco team at the beginning of next February in the 17th round of the Egyptian League, while the team is currently preparing to face Ghazl El Mahalla and Future in the next two rounds of the local competition. And the President of Zamalek added: “A vote took place during the meeting on the fate of the coach, and the decision will be announced after the Pharco match in light of the team’s association with a match against Ghazl El Mahalla and then the Future match. The meeting was filmed on Zamalek channel and will not be broadcast until after the Future match.” For his part, Mortada Mansour confirmed that the White Castle Board of Directors unanimously rejected the resignation of Amir Mortada Mansour, the football supervisor at the club. Al-Mahalla and Zamalek winter matches… wholesale surprises and abundant goals And the president of Zamalek concluded, saying: “We have 3 matches left and the whole second round, and there is also the African Champions League, the Egyptian Super Cup and the Egypt Cup. We will not throw the towel, we will complete our advice, and I ask the fans of Zamalek to support the team.” Zamalek files a complaint against Mahmoud Kahraba In another context, Mortada Mansour confirmed that an official memorandum will be submitted to the League of Clubs tomorrow, Monday, against Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba”, the Al-Ahly player, because of his celebrations with the fans after the match. And the president of Zamalek said: “Kahraba transgressed and made a mistake against the Zamalek club, and he also participated in the match while he was on the run and arrested, and if Smouha overlooked his right, we will not leave our right.” An official response.. Did Kahraba scatter Al-Ahly’s papers in the Winter Mercato? He added, “We are waiting for (the Principles Club) to punish the player after he transgressed against Zamalek club after the summit meeting,” referring to Al-Ahly. Kahraba was suspended for 6 months due to the punishment he was subjected to as a result of his departure from Zamalek in 2019 and the termination of the contract unilaterally, in addition to a fine of two million dollars. Zamalek deals in the winter Mercato Mortada Mansour confirmed that the club will try to take advantage of the current winter transfer period by contracting with 3 deals to strengthen the team’s ranks in the coming period. At the same time, the president of Zamalek stated that he was calling on the fans to support the team, especially since the club had previously achieved many championships with the same group of players. Mortada pointed out that Mahmoud Shabana, the defender of the team loaned to Smouha Club, will return to the team tomorrow (Monday) after the club requested that he officially cut off his loan in light of Zamalek’s need for his services. Mansour also confirmed that he is calling on Mohamed Moselhi, head of the Alexandrian Federation, to return Mahmoud Alaa, the defender of the white team loaned to the federation, especially since he was loaned to the Alexandrian club for free. 5 shocking facts about the “bank” knot for “Al-Ahly” in the Egyptian League, and the president of Zamalek said in the press conference: “We will return the sums that Mahmoud Alaa obtained from Al-Ittihad, provided that the player returns to the team this January.” It is noteworthy that, before the start of the current season, Zamalek loaned Mahmoud Alaa and Mahmoud Shabana, the team’s defenders, but he is currently suffering from a crisis in the back line, in light of Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wensh’s injury to a cut in the cruciate ligament.

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