With 2.5 billion dollars.. Washington fulfills Zelensky's “dreams”.

Updated Friday 1/20/2023 10:38 AM Abu Dhabi time Barely a few minutes passed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expected “strong decisions” to supply his country with more weapons, until Washington fulfilled his dreams. On Thursday, Washington announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine, amounting to $2.5 billion. Moscow is brandishing a nuclear war in the event of its defeat in Ukraine Nuclear Iran and the Ukraine war..American messages to “reassure” Israel Stryker. The new tranche includes 59 Bradley armored vehicles, in addition to the 50 armored vehicles of the same type pledged by Washington on January 6, as well as 90 Stryker armored personnel carriers that will provide Ukraine with two armored brigades. The US army will also deliver fifty to Ukraine. 3 Mine-resistant armored vehicles Traz “Mrab” and 350 “M998” Humvees, but they do not include any heavy tanks such as “Abrams”.Washington also delivers to the Ukrainian forces spare missiles for “HIMARS” and “NASAMS” anti-aircraft systems, and 8 “Avenger” short-range anti-aircraft systems, in addition to thousands of ammunition.With this new tranche, the total US military aid to Ukraine has reached $26.7 billion, since the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine on February 24. Intelligence support and US support to Ukraine has not stopped. On arms supplies, but it is comprehensive support on all aspects, including the intelligence part.In this context, the Washington Post revealed a secret visit made by William Burns, Director of the CIA, to Ukraine at the end of last week. According to a newspaper, an American official and other informed sources said, “During his secret visit to Ukraine, the director of the CIA met President Zelensky and discussed the next Russian steps, and the expectations of the American intelligence regarding the upcoming Russian military plans.” Zelensky’s expectations The Ukrainian President Zelensky, during a meeting of allies at the US air base Ramstein in Germany, on Friday, expected “strong decisions” regarding the supply of more Western weapons to his country. “We expect strong decisions, and we expect a strong military support package from the United States,” he said, which Washington achieved with the aid package. Pressure increased on Berlin, before the Ramstein talks, to agree to provide Kyiv with “Leopard 2” tanks, which officials in Kyiv are desperately seeking to obtain. In response to Zelensky, Poland and Finland announced their willingness to send these German-made tanks to Ukraine to launch attacks against Russian forces, but they requested Berlin’s approval for this step. Zelinsky expressed his gratitude to Charles Michel, President of the European Council, who visited Kyiv and clearly called on Europe to take a decision on tanks, stressing that he was “waiting for a decision that activates the chains of cooperation prepared for tanks.” In the context of the Western support talks for Ukraine, Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign policy official, assured US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken of his intention to continue supporting Ukraine. Borrell added, in press statements, that he discussed with the US Secretary of State several issues, on top of which were Iran, the Western Balkans and China. Russia will remain a threat In another context, Admiral Rob Bauer, Chairman of the Military Committee in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “NATO”, stressed that “Russia will continue to pose a threat to the alliance even if it suffers a defeat in Ukraine.” “Whatever the outcome of the war, the Russians have similar ambitions, and therefore the threat will not go away,” Bauer said, in press statements from the NATO headquarters in Brussels after a two-day meeting of senior military officers from NATO countries. He pointed out that “while the war is depleting Russia’s forces, equipment and ammunition, the alliance expects Russia to try to rebuild and strengthen its military capabilities more than in the past.” Bauer pointed out that “the Russians will reshape everything they have and will also learn from this conflict and try to improve what they have, and this will have repercussions on our plans for the future.”

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