With 900 million euros.. Messi and the Saudi Hilal deal between dreams and reality

Updated Monday 1/9/2023 05:02 PM Abu Dhabi time A new uproar arose among the Saudi League by talking about the possibility of Argentine star Lionel Messi joining Al Hilal Club. The Saudi League was the focus of the world’s attention recently, after Al-Nasr signed Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo for free, with a contract until the summer of 2025, and an annual salary estimated by press reports at 200 million euros. As soon as Al-Nasr contracted with Ronaldo, groups of Al-Hilal fans, Al-Nasr’s historic rival, demanded the need to work to include Argentine Lionel Messi, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, who had been competing with the Portuguese Don over the past years for individual awards. Dreams of the Messi deal and the Saudi Al Hilal It seems that the dreams of Al Hilal fans have come true, according to what Khaled Al Dhiab, the Saudi journalist for Al Riyadiah newspaper, wrote through his account on the social networking site “Twitter”. From St. Germain to Barcelona.. 4 major leagues wrestle over Izz al-Din Onahi. Khaled Al-Diab wrote: “In the event that the suspension from Al-Hilal Club is lifted, the club’s management will announce the contract with Leo Messi during this period.” Al-Diab also revealed that Al-Hilal presented the largest football contract in history to the captain of the Argentine national team, the holder of the World Cup title, which will exceed 900 million euros. Al-Hilal club has been implementing the penalty of suspension for two transfer periods since May 2022 due to the renewal of the contract of its player, Mohamed Kno, despite knowing that the player signed for Al-Nasr. Realism about the dreams of the Messi deal and the Saudi Hilal For his part, the journalist, Walid Al-Faraj, responded through his program “Action with Walid” to this news with realistic statements, saying: “If the goal of Al-Hilal fans was the urgent response to Ronaldo’s transfer deal for victory by contracting with Messi only, then this is a disaster.” . Al-Faraj added, “It is not guaranteed that Messi will move from Europe at the present time, or choose Saudi Arabia, like Cristiano Ronaldo, who had other options from Australia and America.” Walid Al-Faraj warned: “If Al-Hilal fans set the ceiling of ambition by contracting with Messi only, they may be shocked, because it will not be an easy deal.” Numerous press reports in France speculated that Messi was about to renew his contract with the Parisian club for an additional season, until 2024.

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