With exciting victories, 5 teams correct their course in the second round of the World Cup

The second round of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup, which is currently being held in Qatar, has turned into a well-deserved rehabilitation and course correction round.

And after teams fell in the first round for the World Cup2022 with great results, and others with unexpected defeats, the situation turned dramatically and strangely in the second round.

In the following lines, Al Ain Sports reviews the teams that managed to correct their course with impressive victories in the second round after falling into the trap of defeat in the first round.

Iran and Queiroz team

The second round of the Qatar World Cup groups started on Friday with a confrontation in the second group between Iran, which lost in the first round 2-6 from EnglandAgainst Wales, who tied 1-1 with America.

Many expected the Welsh national team to win or at most draw, but the Asian team, led by its veteran Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz, managed to present a new image for it and achieve a valuable victory 2-0, to revive hopes of qualifying strongly for the second round.

From the Iran vs Wales match in the 2022 World Cup

Senegal national team

The Senegalese national team, the champion of the African continent, also succeeded in the framework of the first group, in compensating for its loss 0-2 from the Netherlands in the first round, by winning in the second round at the expense of the owner of the country, Qatar.

Kalidou Coulibaly’s comrades won 3-1 over Qatar, knocking the host out of the tournament very early, and giving the continent its only victory in the World Cup so far.

The victory revived the Teranga Lions’ chances of qualifying and turned their confrontation with Ecuador in the last round into an expected summit next Tuesday.

From the Qatar-Senegal match in the 2022 World Cup

Australia stuns Tunisia

The third team that managed to restore consideration was the Australian team, which lost 4-1 against the French giants in the first round.

Australia succeeded in climbing to second place in the group with an important 1-0 victory over Tunisia in the second round, and it will face Denmark in the third round with two chances of a draw and a win, in light of the difficulty of overcoming the Carthage Eagles of the French giants.

Australia is considered

The awakening of the Argentine national team

Argentina and its star Lionel Messi (Saturday) also succeeded in achieving a 2-0 victory over Mexico, which restored the prestige of the South American champions, amid a burning crowd atmosphere.

The victory of Messi’s comrades, along with the loss of Saudi Arabia 0-2 from Poland, opened the door again for Albasilisti to lead the group in the third round, if they overcame Poland and the Greens failed to beat Mexico, or perhaps by goal difference if the two teams won.

From the Argentina-Mexico match in the 2022 World Cup

The fall of Japan strike Costa Rican

The Costa Rica national team, which suffered the heaviest defeat in the history of the tournament since 2010, by seven without a response against Spain in the first round, succeeded in reviving the hopes of qualifying as well, by beating Japan 1-0 (Sunday).

The victory opened the door to all possibilities in the group that includes the teams of Spain and Germany, who will close the curtain on Sunday’s matches with an expected confrontation in the evening at Al-Bayt Stadium.

Costa Rica now has the chance to qualify if it wins the last round or draws if Spain beats Germany and Japan.

Costa Rica is considered

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