Women's fashion in 2023.. “Elephant jeans” for an eye-catching look

Updated Thursday 1/12/2023 06:11 PM Abu Dhabi time Elephant Denims are on the top of women’s fashion in 2023, giving women a comfortable look that catches the eye. Elle magazine, concerned with fashion and beauty, said that elephant jeans have straight and wide legs, similar to the legs of an elephant, noting that it appears in both dark and light blue shades. Elle added that elephant jeans are distinguished by the diversity of their coordination capabilities, as they can be coordinated with a blazer for an elegant look, and it can also be coordinated with a pullover for a casual look. Nail polish fashion 2023.. A sparkling look in shiny chrome. As for shoes, elephant jeans are in harmony with ankle boots, Corpulent Boots, and high-heeled boots (Stiletto). Tips for buying Eid clothes for a unique and elegant look

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