Yemeni diplomatic moves to expose al-Houthi's claims…its aggressive nature threatens peace

Yemeni diplomatic moves to expose Houthi’s claims..its aggressive nature threatens peace Updated Sunday 1/15/2023 11:18 AM Abu Dhabi time Yemeni diplomatic moves have increased their pace recently, to clarify the facts and reveal the allegations of the Houthi militia, which is trying to falsify reality with its propaganda machine. These moves were led by the head of Yemeni diplomacy, Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, in his country’s efforts to search for a partner who believes in peace, to help Yemen get out of its crisis. In this context, Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak held, on Saturday, two separate meetings with the French Ambassador to Yemen, Jean-Marie Safa, and the Chargé d’Affairs of the Russian Embassy to Yemen, Yevgeny Kudrov, to discuss developments in the Yemeni crisis and international efforts to establish peace. In his meeting with the French ambassador, bin Mubarak said that the Presidential Leadership Council seeks to achieve peace and restore security and stability in Yemen, but the fact that there is no partner who believes in peace aborts all efforts to help Yemen get out of its crisis. Yemeni Presidential Council: We have harsh and bitter choices against the Houthis For his part, the French ambassador said that Paris stands with the legitimacy in Yemen, stressing its continued contribution to resolving the crisis and establishing peace, and supporting the unity, security and stability of Yemen. Economic war In the second meeting with the Russian diplomat, the Foreign Minister said that the Houthi militia rejects and obstructs efforts to bring peace to Yemen and is not serious about implementing its entitlements, pointing to the militia’s indifference to the humanitarian situation in Yemen and their work to exacerbate it through the economic war they are waging against the Yemeni people. Bin Mubarak held the Houthi militia responsible for continuing to obstruct the issue of the dilapidated Safer oil tank, pointing out that this issue is considered an environmental issue and the world should not tolerate the militia’s intention to keep the tank as an environmental, humanitarian and economic threat. For his part, the Russian ambassador renewed his country’s keenness to strengthen its relations with Yemen, indicating that Russia will continue to do everything possible to help achieve peace and restore security and stability.

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