“Yemeni Presidential Council”: Our patience towards Al-Houthi will not be long


“Yemeni Presidential Council”: Our patience towards Al-Houthi will not be long

The Presidential Leadership Council in Yemen affirmed, on Sunday, that it will not be patient with the practices and crimes of the terrorist Houthi militia, indicating that it will not hesitate to defend the interests of Yemenis.

This came during a meeting between the Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, in the city of Mocha with the Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament, Sheikh Sultan Al-Barakani, a number of members of the House of Representatives and the Shura Council, governors of the governorates of Taiz and Al-Hodeidah, political and party leaders, directors of the coastal directorates, and a number of social figures.

Saleh said, “The leadership council, despite its adherence to the path of a just and comprehensive peace, will not hesitate to defend the interests and capabilities of Yemenis.”

He added, “We will confront Houthi terrorism by all means and capabilities to stop the militias’ persistence and persistence in deepening the crisis with the aim of prolonging the war, and patience with regard to these practices will not be long.”

A member of the Presidential Leadership Council called on “all political forces to unify their ranks, overcome all forms of differences, and work for one goal, which is to restore all of Yemen’s lands and cleanse the country of Iran’s tools.”

He pointed out that the Political Bureau and the national resistance it leads are open to everyone, without exception, on the basis of commitment to national constants, and in a way that achieves the supreme interest of the country.

The member of the Presidential Leadership Council reviewed the developments in the situation on the national scene, and the futile practices of the terrorist Houthi militia to disturb the atmosphere of peace and drag Yemen back into the war square.

The statements of the “Yemeni Presidential Council” come after 3 Houthi attacks that hit the port of “Al-Dhaba” in Hadramout, while 3 other operations affected the ports of “Radum” and “Qena” in neighboring Shabwa, since mid-October, which led to the suspension of Yemen’s oil exports.

The Houthi militia claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks that targeted the oil ports and vowed that they would continue to include oil ports, installations and ships.

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